The Phoenix Children's Academy Philosophy

Simply put, children learn best by doing – by exploring, playing and being “hands-on” learners.

Our Philosophy

Our Curriculum

Infants, Preschool, and Pre-K Curriculum and Activities

Simply put, children learn best by doing – by exploring, playing and being “hands-on” learners. From creative art projects to a focus on phonics and math that makes learning to read and working with numbers fun, the preschool curriculum and activities at Phoenix Children’s Academy is built for your enthusiastic learner.

Phoenix Children’s Academy recognizes the importance of building self-esteem at a very young age. We encourage a positive sense of self by using praise, encouraging independence and building on their skills. Manners are also encouraged in the classroom throughout the day.

Studying other countries and cultures is a part of our monthly preschool curriculum and activities. Pictures, posters and books are displayed throughout the classrooms. Circle time discussions are enhanced with “hands-on” art, games and cooking activities. Children participate in Spanish language classes.

Other components of our curriculum include:

  • Baby Signs – Babies communicating long before they can talk!
  • Early Reading Program – Our phonics lessons help many children read before they graduate to Kindergarten
  • Handwriting – Our lessons will have your child writing their name and more. You child will feel at ease as they transition into Kindergarten writing lessons.
  • “Hands-on” Math and in select schools “Math Their Way” – Basic preschool math concepts and lessons come to life in our classrooms and activities
  • Spanish – Current research shows that children ages 2 -12 years master a second language with an ease not seen in any other age groups. Our preschool Spanish classes lay the foundation during this distinct window of opportunity for the acquisition of another language.

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