Best Pre K Schools in Gilbert, AZ

Did you know? Every year, more than 200,000 kids in the United States repeat kindergarten due to being unprepared. Don’t let lack of preparation be the reason your child gets held back! Thankfully, a quality pre-K education can help prepare children for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Here’s a list of the best pre-K schools in Gilbert, AZ.

Get a jump start on your child’s future with these top pre-k schools in Gilbert, AZ!

1. Phoenix Children’s Academy

Phoenix Children’s Academy is at the top of the list thanks to its great facilities, caring teachers, and challenging curriculum. This pre-k school’s unique, skill-based approach to early childhood learning ensures each child’s long term success. The Ascend curriculum prepares your child for success in kindergarten with challenging coursework.

Phoenix Children’s Academy uses creative, engaging methods to teach your child problem-solving skills, math, literacy, and science. In addition, their curriculum also emphasizes social skills and everyday manners. Phoenix Children’s Academy is dedicated to creating a lifelong impact for every child.

Talk to an administrator or schedule a visit by calling (480)-400-8825.

Parent review:

“Finding a Daycare/Preschool is not an easy task, but the second we met with the Director and Teachers we were sold!  Both of my daughters have been attending since they were 12 weeks old and I cannot say enough about how amazing the staff has been over the past 6 years. It warms my heart to know that my girls look forward to going to PCA every day to learn.  I thank all of them for becoming such an important part of my girls’ development.” –Parent Review via Phoenix Children’s Academy

2. Primrose School of South Gilbert

The pre-k program at Primrose School of South Gilbert taps into each student’s curiosity, creativity, and confidence to deliver an enriching curriculum. Young learners will learn to develop skills within the STEAM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects. What’s more, Primrose schools’ staff will also carefully nurture and promote social, emotional, and other character strengths to help raise well-rounded individuals. By mixing personal and academic development, students are left equipped to tackle kindergarten head-on!

Parent review:

“This school has been absolutely fantastic! Very accommodating since we moved here in March. My kids love it here and come home talking about their day and can’t wait to go back. My daughter just recently graduated their pre-K program and the ceremony was really cool! The teachers and front admin staff are super nice and welcoming.” –Parent Review via Yelp

3.  Childtime of Gilbert

Calling all future scholars! With their Empowered Child curriculum, caring teachers at Childtime of Gilbert create customized exercises for 10 developmental areas. Their Reggio Emilia inspired approach covers subjects like creative arts, language, math, and emotional health. Their impactful teaching style makes Childtime of Gilbert one of the best pre-K schools in Gilbert, AZ.

Parent Review:

“We like the updated facility and size of rooms. Toys are in good shape and kids seem happy. Very clean and functional. We are excited for my two little ones to start soon. If you’re looking for a facility, this place is worth a try.” -Parent Review via Yelp

4. Sunrise PreSchools

Prepare your child for a lifetime love of learning with Sunrise Preschools. Daily opportunities to learn basic reading and math delivered by qualified caregivers provide a grade A experience for your child. With a curriculum designed to exceed the standards set by the Arizona Department of Education, you can be sure that your child will excel through kindergarten after this pre-k program!

Parent review:

A very professional and caring staff.  We feel our child is growing mentally here while also feeling very loved. Thanks for all you do.” -Parent Review via Yelp

5. The Goddard School of Gilbert

We wrap up the list with The Goddard School of Gilbert. The Goddard School implements a one-of-a-kind education that prepares your child for school, a future career, and life. Their emphasis on critical thinking skills and strategy development makes The Goddard School of Gilbert a fantastic pre K school option. Consider The Goddard School today for your child’s success!

Parent review:

One of our daughters attended this school through pre-k and the other attended for a year in the 2-year-old class. We had a wonderful experience. The staff and parents are all incredibly low maintenance and have a “can do” attitude.  The facility is bright, clean, and safe, located in a residential area and close to a fire station. My 5-year-old was well prepared for kindergarten, reading beyond her age. She was even taught sign language and Spanish.”-Parent Review via Yelp

Help your child coast through Kindergarten with a stellar pre-k program!

Start the school year strong by choosing one of the best pre-K schools for your child. It’s never too early to start a love for learning. Your child’s future awaits!