What is the Best Daycare in Peoria, AZ

By the age of 5, a child’s brain has already developed nearly 90 percent! With this being said, daycare education is paramount to your child’s development. Daycares provide a welcoming and encouraging environment for your child to take their first steps and make new friends.

To save you the hassle, we’ve compiled a list of the best daycares in Peoria, AZ.

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1. Phoenix Children’s Academy

Phoenix Children’s Academy is a frontrunner on our list due to their experienced, caring staff and rave reviews. Their goal is to create a home-like experience for early education, making it possible for each child to explore the world and make new friends. With their milestone-based Ascend curriculum, children will further develop their motor skills, language abilities, and socialization.

This preschool’s individual care will prepare each child for further success in their early education. Their commitment to excellent childcare makes them a top daycare in Peoria, AZ area.

Contact an administrator at (480)-210-9770 or schedule a site visit today!.

Parent review:

“My two-year-old is actually excited every day to wake up and go to school. He loves his teacher Ms. Allie and can’t wait to see her each morning. The staff is wonderful and the school is very clean. I’m so grateful that I found this school and my son is able to attend!” -Parent review via Facebook

2. Children’s Learning Center

Children’s Learning Center is a toddler program designed to propel your child’s future. Children forge relationships with their peers and teacher as they explore the classrooms. Your child will form sentences, learn to count, and create art every day at this daycare facility. With a curriculum focused on core concepts like language, math, art, and history, your child will have the building blocks needed for his or her preschool education.

Parent review:

My two year old has been going here for almost a year. They gave him 1:1 attention to help his development. Everyone is very friendly, most of the teachers truly seem to care about the kids and what they are doing, and so far there has been at least one teacher in each room that has gone well above our expectations. I would highly recommend this to any parents!” -Parent review via Facebook

3. Tutor Time of Goodyear

At Tutor Time of Goodyear, a state-of-the-art classroom offers a one of a kind experience for your toddler. With additions like iPads to create art and music, as well as robots for coding, you can bet that your child will love learning. They offer Spanish and soccer as part of their enrichment programs, as well as 24/7 video surveillance. Tutor Time teaches little ones how to build self-confidence and creativity as they advance in their education.

Parent review:

“I always leave the school feeling so comfortable knowing she is being taken care of. She literally runs to [the teachers] and asks to see them on the days she doesn’t make it to school. My daughter also refers to them as her best friends and always greets them with the biggest hugs every morning! They’ve taught my daughter so much since she’s been in their class from nursery rhymes to using the potty & being comfortable using it even if we’re out in public. I’m so thankful to have them as her teachers!” -Parent review via Facebook

4. Great Beginnings Preschool

Great Beginnings Preschool is a faith-based daycare dedicated to building well-rounded children. Their carefully crafted curriculum teaches mental, social, and physical development for young toddlers, including activities like puppet play and art experiments. The caring and qualified teachers and administrators provide hands-on attention to every child, making this a top daycare in Peoria, AZ.

Parent review:

“This place is great. Always nice and clean, I would definitely recommend. You can tell the staff really cares about the kids who attend here. You don’t find that just anywhere; this place is a gem!” -Parent review via Yelp

5. Imagination Childcare

A top daycare in the Peoria area, Imagination Childcare has a unique curriculum designed for each child’s individual needs. These experiences are enhanced with different learning themes, as well as multisensory tools and strategies for learning. In addition, their well-trained and nurturing staff facilitate a welcoming environment for toddlers and infants entering their early years.

Parent review:

I could not let another day go by without saying how grateful I am to be apart of the Imagination Childcare Staff. Childcare is not easy, but when you are employed by caring, fun, and great people, it keeps you clocking in the next day. I would recommend Imagination to anyone looking for childcare. Not just because I work there, but because of the love and learning that flows through each classroom.” -Parent review via Facebook

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