How Do Daycares Get Babies to Sleep?

We know it can be nerve-racking, sending your precious son or daughter to a new environment. Moreover, if you’ve never sent your baby to daycare before, you’re probably curious as to how they work. In particular, you may be wondering how do daycares get babies to sleep?

Knowing a daycare’s sleepytime procedures will no doubt ease your mind and help you better understand what exactly is going on at the daycare when you’re not around.

Luckily for you, we have the answer! Read on to learn how daycares get babies to sleep!

How Do Daycares Get Babies to Sleep? Here’s the Answer!

Getting Babies Down for a Nap

Daycares typically do not have scheduled nap time for babies. Instead, they dim the lights and keep the room quiet and comfortable. This way, babies can fall asleep naturally.

Recently, a team of teachers from Phoenix Children’s Academy (PCA) private preschool and daycare got together to explain their process for getting their babies and children down for a nap. Here’s what they said:

“The teachers rock the infant babies to sleep in a rocking chair. Once asleep, they lay them on their backs to sleep in their crib. For the older children, we lay the cots/mats out, and the children go to their beds. For the children who have a difficult time sleeping, the teachers rub their backs until they fall asleep.” -PCA teachers

What if a Baby Won’t Sleep?

Babies are never forced to sleep. Most of the time, babies will fall asleep on their own, even if it takes some time. However, teachers will often spend more time with infants who have a harder time sleeping. Often, cuddling, rocking, and soft music will help lull babies to sleep.

The teachers at PCA preschool said this about getting infants down for a nap:

“Teachers will play lullabies in the room, sing them to sleep, and continue to rock them and try to make them feel comfortable to sleep. For the older children, we rub their backs on their beds until they fall asleep. Many children have to be dealt with on an individual basis and have special ways to help them sleep individually.” -PCA teachers

Are Babies Woken Up When Nap Time is Over?

Just as babies are not forced to fall asleep, they are never woken up. Rather, they can sleep until they wake up naturally. This way, every baby can feel restful and happy.

This is what PCA said about waking up their babies from a nap:

“The infant babies we do not wake up, they sleep throughout the day at their leisure. As for older children, they have a specified nap time. We do not wake the children up at the end of the designated time; they turn the lights on and start getting the children up as they wake up.” -PCA teachers

Sleepytime Safety Measures All Preschools Should Follow

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should sleep on their backs, on a firm mattress, and without toys or blankets. This prevents Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Additionally, every daycare should have see-through cribs. This way, they can keep an eye on the babies at all times. Then, when babies wake up, they should be promptly taken out of the cribs and comforted.

When looking for a daycare, make sure all these safety measures are met!

If you happen to have older children, the daycare should ensure the child sleeps with his/her shoes on. This way, in case there is an emergency, the child is always prepared to exit the building quickly.

At Phoenix Children’s Academy, all of these safety standards are given the utmost priority!

Find a Quality Daycare for Your Baby!

It’s essential to find a daycare that follows these naptime procedures. When you ask, “how do daycares get babies to sleep?” they should be able to answer your question with safety and structure in mind.

Daycares like Phoenix Children’s Academy (PCA) make sure your child is safe, happy, and well cared for while you’re away.

At PCA, they make sure the transition from home to a daycare facility is smooth and joyful for both you and your precious baby.

To do this, they create a close partnership with parents, sending you photos of your baby throughout the day, and providing you with detailed daily reports. These written reports include information about your little one’s feeding, sleeping, diapering, and learning activities s/he has participated in.

You can see first hand how much your baby is learning, growing, and thriving in a place like PCA’s infant daycare program!

To learn more about PCA, schedule a visit today!