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My daughter attended school at this location from the time she was 3 until she went to middle school and could no longer attend. I would not go anywhere else and will ALWAYS recommend PCA to friends & family. The staff is attentive and caring, and Brittany & Ellen are excellent at what they do.

Shawna Mitchell 5 stars - Excellent

We couldn’t have asked find a better school 🙂 After researching dozens of schools and Chandler and many tours, we always came right back to PCA ! Our initial feeling, was “wow, this really looks like a school, so clean, and the administration is so friendly. Is this a dream?” Pinched ourselves and then started filling out the paperwork for our son to attend PCA. We are extremely happy with his progress in the classroom. I give a special shout out to the administration and my sons teachers, you guys are the best!

Cheri Smith 5 stars - Excellent
I can’t say enough great things about Phoenix Children’s Academy. Everyone is so friendly, helpful, understanding and incredible with my daughter. My daughter loves going to school and adores her teachers. The school Director, Katie, is the absolute best. I’ll recommend this school to anyone as long as she’s there!
Justin Kelhi 5 stars - Excellent

My son has been attending this school for 2 years now and it is the best school. I had my son at another school and he just never got in and the way they would handle an issue I thought was wrong and not fair. Having my son at Phoenix now he loves going to school now and enjoys being there. When you walk in everyone knows your name and my sons name. Always willing to work with you and there is always communication. But decision I have made to have my son attend this school. Mrs. Jenny and everyone that works there are always smiling and enjoy there Job and what they are do. They provide an amazing education and fun for the kids. My son, my family and I are beyond grateful of you guys and we love all of you guys.

KaSandra 5 stars - Excellent

My daughter started August 1 at Phoenix Children’s Academy and she absolutely loves it. The teachers and staff are so nice and the facility is immaculate. I would highly recommend if you are looking for an awesome school for your kids.

Melissa 5 stars - Excellent

We absolutely LOVE PCA!! My daughters have been there for years and love it!! The teachers are fantastic and the director, Jessica and the assistant director Misty are THE BEST!! They treat my kids as their own and I wouldn’t put my girls anywhere else!!

Brandi Woehler 5 stars - Excellent

As elementary counselor I know the importance of Early Childhood Education. My niece and nephew have succeeded due to the solid foundation PCA provides.

R. Rios 5 stars - Excellent

We have been very happy at PCA and our daughter has learned more in her 6 months here than her 3 years spent at her previous daycare. The instructors are great and provide a nurturing and educational learning environment. There are always activities happening for the kids as well as the families. The front desk staff is amazing and they always strive to include families in the kid’s experiences.

Val 5 stars - Excellent

Love the staff, cleanliness, convenient location, and care that is not only provided to our son but also the flexibility that is a Godsend for parents. The quality of appreciation that we have experienced with the personal touch offered from the school, staff, and administrators is second to none and is something that is missing in today’s world. We wouldn’t have our son any where else. Thank you Phoenix Children’s Academy!

Eric & Kortne Bongiorno 5 stars - Excellent
We love PCA, the PCA staff is wonderful! Our kids love the teachers and have learned so much! We couldn’t be happier!
Richard and Sarah Grubb 5 stars - Excellent

We love the facility and all of the staff. Great place to start your toddlers…

Jeff Hamilton 5 stars - Excellent

Phoenix Children’s Academy takes great care of children, even children with disabilities. My son loves it here and can’t wait to come everyday. Between school and PCA my son has grown so much and as a mother I couldn’t be happier.

Amanda Y.

As a mother of twins, business owner and wife of a Navy Officer, I can’t tell you how comforting it has been to have Rachel Michel as our kid’s preschool director. It’s the little things that she goes above and beyond in doing that makes it so special. This past father’s day, Dad was away, but the picture and crafts that Rachel coordinated with the kids was the perfect way for him to feel included in the holiday despite the miles between them. She is always thinking of ways to acknowledge and show care for the children in her care and that, along with the kids’ safety, is the most important thing a parent could want or need! I hope that Rachel will be recognized for her hard work and dedication but more importantly, I hope she knows how much we all appreciate it as well!! Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Nicole W.

All three of my children have attended Phoenix Children’s Academy. I love the atmosphere and caregiving of the teachers. Thank you for taking such good care of my babies!

Michelle T.

PCA has been a wonderful choice for our family over the past 3 years! Both of my children have had wonderful teachers that they adored. I’ve always felt that the teachers genuinely care about the children in their classrooms. Communication between teachers, staff, and families is strong, and the facility is welcoming. I highly recommend PCA and will say it is well worth the cost. As an educator myself, I also feel that PCA, Sherwood’s NAEYC accreditation is a notable indicator of a high quality early childhood program.

Brenda Selby

My girls have both been at Phoenix Children’s Academy for several years now. We have been happy with their progress throughout this time. As a parent, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing your child is happy when dropped off everyday. The director is extremely effective in ensuring all of our kids are taken care of very well. She definitely leads by example. We love Mrs. Jessica, Mrs. Ana, Mrs. Janelle, Mrs. Rosemary, Mr. Rodney, Mrs. Misty, Mrs. Gloria, Ms. Ashley, Mrs. Debra, Mrs. Anjelica, . When there are new faces at this daycare – it is nice to know that they are surrounded by very solid individuals with longevity at this facility that set the bar high to care for our little ones.


Lopez Family

Miss Tish in the Pre K class is the best teacher I have ever seen. She is loving, caring, and give each child the attention they need. The communication between teacher and parent is clear and detailed. Miss Tish is the reason why I enrolled my child in Phoenix Children’s Academy.


All staff that I have had the pleasure of interacting with over the last four years have been wonderful. I have always been able to openly communicate concerns, compliments, needs and requests without any issues. My kids love going to school every day and have flourished in PCA’s unique learning environment. I love the quality of the curriculum and the outside programs offered are great!

Jamie Luehring

Our daughter Avni started school a few weeks back and I wanted to take a moment to thank Ms Terry and Ms Karissa. As you probably know, its really hard to let someone else take care of your child, but just seeing the way these ladies take care of Avni has been so nice. She is always smiling at drop-off and pick-up, so I guess that says it all. Thanks once again for the wonderful school!

Nitesh and Supriya Nimkar

Phoenix Children’s Academy was home away from home for our girls from the age of 3 months until they were both five. The program was one filled with care, fun and early-learning. The relationships we built with PCA’s staff were built on trust and friendship, and knowing that our girls were thriving in a safe and compassionate environment was a great comfort to us. Both girls left the PCA program exceptionally prepared for kindergarten, setting the stage for solid elementary years. Thanks to Katy, Shannon and all of the others who made a positive difference in our girls’ young lives.

Ann & Patrick Smith

Our son has been at the daycare since he was 8 weeks old. I can’t even start to explain how amazing it has been for not only him but for myself and my husband. This school is beyond what we could ever have imagined for our son to be in. The Directors and staff have been such a blessing. It’s a wonder feeling to walk into this school and be greeted at the door with smiling faces. Even as you pass by the rooms or a teacher in the hall they smile and greet us and most even know your child by name. Our son has learned so much here at this school. He is only two but can count to 20 sing his abc’s (fumbling here and there) he know many different shapes and colors animal ect. When he plays with other kids his age or a little older parents tell us how smart he is and ask what we do. I proceed to tell them about all the wonderful learning activities our daycare offers. Sometimes when our friends are complaining about their daycare I just listen and in the end say we love ours. I can say is that in this short time of 2 years a lot of the staff have become more like family. I know that if any of them ever needed anything my husband and I would be there to help. It’s this loving environment that makes this daycare one of the best. They take care of our most precious gems in life. I can’t thank each and everyone of them enough.

With so much love respect and appreciation

The Salinas Family


The Salinas Family

As a very fond grandmother, I would like to express my appreciation to all of the personnel at our school site. How can I begin to express our thanks for the dedication, patience, as well as the pride and professionalism that is demonstrated by all the staff members. We have enjoyed the interaction between all the folks that have come and gone in the last five years. Katie and her family have thoroughly enjoyed all of them, and will be very sorry to be leaving the Phoenix Children’s Academy Program.

There will always be a very special place in our hearts for every one of your school staff members.


Dennis M.

We have been Phoenix Children’s Academy parents for 11 years. We can’t imagine trusting anyone else with our children and their educational needs. The quality of the curriculum Phoenix Children’s Academy offers is second to none. The level of care our children receive is unprecedented. We look forward to many more years of being a part of the Phoenix family.

The Draper Family

Everyone who has a child understands how difficult it is to entrust their care to someone else. When I first found Phoenix Children’s Academy I was hesitant because it was large, and so unlike him being at home. But, when I toured the school I noticed very important details: First, it was clean, bright and cheerful. I loved the energy and camaraderie that was immediately apparent. Secondly, the staff knew every single child and parent. They took the time to ask how the birthday party was, or how someone’s mother was feeling after surgery. It felt like a family, one large and caring family with each member helping to raise each child. Third, the teachers are warm and loving, patient and kind and the curriculum teaches the children a well rounded mix of academics, social responsibility, and classroom decorum. I was beyond excited for my son to attend Phoenix Children’s Academy; I trust the staff and I trust the other parents.

It has been nearly two years since my son started at Phoenix Children’s Academy. Everyday he comes home singing a new song and showing me proudly his artwork, letters, and numbers that they worked on that day in class. He loves the teachers and staff. He has made friends that he will continue on with into elementary school. I am so pleased with our experience with the school. Slowly, my son is becoming a loving, intelligent, self sufficient and productive little man and I owe much of his personal accomplishments and confidence to the loving guidance of his teachers. I still hate to leave him during the day, but adulthood requires that I work; but, it helps immensely when my son BEGS to go to school, and cheers in the back seat when we pull in the parking lot. Thanks to Phoenix Children’s Academy, my son is passionate about learning, the school experience, and caring for a diverse group of people who I would personally love to thank for their hard work, time, and love for my son in my absence. I’m thankful every day that I found Phoenix Children’s Academy.


Anne V.

My son has attended Phoenix Children’s Academy since we relocated in October of 2006.
Before enrolling him in the school I toured several others and none of them were as clean, warm and welcoming as this one. The class structure and curriculums are ideal and yet still fun for my child. They also really now how to keep the parents very much involved; there isn’t a season that goes by without planned activities and/ or field trips. As a single parent without family in the area, I can honestly say Phoenix Children’s Academy makes my life a lot easier because I know that my son is well cared for, happy and safe while I am at work. The staff is competent and kind, the facility clean, the meals are healthy and there is a balance of learning and fun. As a parent I couldn’t ask for any more!


Ruth G.

I have wanted to send this e-mail since the first week Otto started school…but with my busy schedule I never got to it. I just want to tell you how happy my husband and I are with our choice to enroll Otto in your school. We noticed that Otto is very happy when he gets home and he is already doing all kinds of goofy kid stuff. Very cute. We are very impressed with all the teachers that are taking care of Otto. They were so great the first week, both Otto and I had our crying/screaming moments, but I think both of us are getting better. Again, please thank all his teachers for taking such great care of our son. They have no idea how much we appreciate their hard work!


Selma, Andy & Otto A.

I wanted to reach out and give you some feedback regarding your school.

In March of 2015 I moved my children from another preschool to your school. I was very apprehensive about the move because I was happy with their preschool, curriculum and most of the staff. Nonetheless we did run into some issues that were not rectified at the old preschool, so after extensive searching, I decided to make the switch and move my family to your school.

I would like to say that my children are very well taken care of at Phoenix Children’s Academy. And not just “Taken Care Of”, they are both excelling. My son is in your One year classroom and my daughter is in your Pre-K class. I have seen such joy from them each day I come to pick them up. I appreciate the teachers there that spend endless hours developing meaningful curriculum to stimulate my little ones’ minds. Not only do my little ones’ get plenty of educational opportunities at your school, but they get to play outside with their friends multiple times a day, which I find to be just as important to their overall health and growth. And even though, my children are just about perfect (I am sure all mothers feel this way)…there are still areas of improvement that teachers will review with me to ensure we are all on the same page for consistent guidance and care. You have made great teacher selections and it shows how much they care and that this is ‘not just a job’ to them.

In addition to the great classroom environments they have been a part of this year, my children love you and Ms. Diana. Each morning my daughter lights up to see you or Ms. Diana there to greet her. She finds it very reassuring that you are there to welcome her, listen to her jokes and entertain her while I am either signing in or taking her brother to class. And in times of need, when I am not able to drop off you are always willing to help Dad or Grandma out with gathering the kids belongings and making sure their drop off and or pick up is a success. This definitely helps cut down on the stress I feel each day having to leave my children and go to work.

The additional activities you all formulate each month is also fun. You offer opportunities for myself, their dad, Grandma and Grandpa to participate in school activities. To know that you think of us in addition to our children is very refreshing! I appreciate the open environment where you allow me to come have lunch with my kids whenever I want or to participate in “Field Day” activities. I look forward to being more involved and participating in your creative events to come. I also appreciate the patience you and Ms. Diana have with me when sometimes I feel like I call to much just to check in. You always welcome my calls with care and compassion, that means a lot!

I am very pleased I made the switch to Phoenix Children’s Academy. I wanted you to know how I personally feel about you, your staff and the school my children attend each day. You make my life easier and most importantly make my kids happy.

Thank you!


Delana R.

There is truly not enough time and words to express all that Miss Jenny and Miss Diana have done for all the kiddos’. They go above and beyond the call of duty every day. No matter what is going on in there lives they always have a smile and a skip in their walk of a happy day. The kids are so lucky to have a caring and devoted team. They are the real Dynamic Duo. Thank you Miss Jenny and Miss Diana.


Wendi N.

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