Best Pre K Schools in Peoria, AZ

A Pre K program is a great place to learn fundamentals and build friendships with other children. Successful programs can foster a life-long love for education. Therefore, selecting the right Pre K program for your child is paramount. In fact, kids who attend a Pre K program are more likely to stay ahead of the curve during kindergarten and elementary school.

We know it isn’t easy finding the right Pre K program for you and your child. So we’ve compiled a list of best pre K schools in Peoria, AZ for you to choose from!

Prepare Your Child for a Lifetime of Success with These Top Pre K Schools in Peoria, AZ!

1. Phoenix Children’s Academy

First on our list is Phoenix Children’s Academy, Thunderbird. This Pre K program offers a well-rounded, challenging curriculum to ensure each child’s future academic success. They focus on each child’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical well-being through a range of different activities, including math, dramatic play, and fitness routines. PCA’s teachers are dedicated to providing the best care and education.

Additionally, Phoenix Children’s Academy incorporates the Ascend Curriculum, which helps children grow inside and outside the classroom. To set up your child for a route of success, contact an administrator today at (480)-210-9770 or schedule a visit.

Parent review:

The staff at PCA are great! From day one they made my son feel welcome and loved. I especially love my son’s teacher. He’s learned manners, being helpful, and loves to go to school each morning. I feel like we are family there. I highly recommend them to any family. Love you guys!” -Parent review via Facebook

2. Children’s Learning Adventure

This preschool offers a unique, STEAM curriculum so your child is prepared to enter modern education curriculums. With a hands-on approach to teaching science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics, your child can develop key skills like problem-solving and abstract thinking. Fun enrichment programs include culinary arts and dramatic play, and the state-of-the-art facility has tablets and Smartboards for students to learn their lessons.

Parent review:

“My daughter attends this CLA in Peoria and we wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!! My daughter loves going to school now. I know she is safe, having fun with her classmates and is in the best learning environment! The staff and teachers are always warm and welcoming at every pick-up and drop-off and always keep us up to date on upcoming events, activities, and what the children are learning!” -Parent review via Facebook

3. Sunrise Preschools

At Sunrise Preschools, your child will be prepared for a seamless transition to Kindergarten. With their age-appropriate HighReach Learning Curriculum, your child will have major jumps of improvement in literacy, math, and science. Not only do Sunrise’s lesson plans meet the standards set by the Arizona Department of Education, but they exceed them. Spark their love for learning with one of the best Pre K schools in Peoria, AZ.

Parent review:

“As new parents we didn’t know what to expect when selecting a daycare. Sunrise far exceeded our expectations as new parents in taking care of our babies that we decided to keep her there and figure out how to pay the difference. If anything happened at school we were notified via notes and if it was extreme, by phone call. This is a huge relief for any parent. Thank you sunrise preschool for taking such good care of our baby.” -Parent review via Yelp

4. Black Canyon Kindercare

The smiles and laughs never disappear at Black Canyon Kindercare. This NAEYC accredited daycare center will prepare your tiny tot to enter kindergarten with ease. With the belief that purposeful play creates a lifetime love for learning, kids can build on their language and literacy skills, social and emotional development, and physical well-being through engaging activities.

Parent review:

“[There has been] nothing but great teachers and staff. I have used KinderCare Black Canyon for full-time daycare, as well as the Summer camp for several years now. Except for minor issues that have transpired between children, I have no real complaints. This location is secure, the entrance/exit points are secure, it’s clean, they care about the little ones, and they keep the play areas separate according to age group. I highly recommend this location.” -Parent review via Google

5. Imagine Rosefield

Imagine Rosefield’s Pre K program prepares children to transition into their elementary school. As one of the best pre K schools in Peoria, AZ, Imagine Rosefield teaches core learning concepts through hands-on projects. Their focus on self-discipline, motivation, and leadership is apparent as children build their creativity and critical thinking skills.

Parent review:

“I cannot say enough good things about this school. Finding a school is always nerve-wracking… you want to make sure that you find the right fit for your kid(s). Well, this school is definitely the right fit for my son. His teachers have been amazing, the staff is incredibly caring, and just everyone you come in contact with is great. It feels more like a community than just a school.” -Parent review via Facebook

Enroll Your Child Today!

With all of the amazing Pre K programs in Peoria, AZ, it’s easy finding the perfect school to enroll your child. Schedule a tour with any of these locations and watch your child soar through their education with ease.