Top 5 Preschools in Gilbert, AZ

With so many options out there, you may need some suggestions to figure out which preschool will be the best fit for you and your child. Parents might look at a preschool’s established reputation, location, facilities, and teachers. However, it can be difficult to do all this research on your own. What if you could find preschools that have met all those criteria? Below we’ve compiled the top five preschools in Gilbert, AZ.

Provide Your Child With a Nurturing Learning Environment at One of These Great Preschools in Gilbert, AZ!

1. Phoenix Children’s Academy Chandler Heights

At Phoenix Children’s Academy, first-time students will immediately feel welcomed by motivated peers and a warm staff. The preschool has amazing teachers that understand the importance of nurturing children and building strong, trusting relationships with them. In other words, their number one focus is student growth -academical and personal.

Another benefit of choosing Phoenix Children’s Academy is the competitive tuition that they offer. Parents that select this preschool find a trusting home away from home where they can be left with peace of mind.

Parent Review:

Our daughter has been attending PCA since August and we have had nothing but a great experience. Ms. Ana in the infant room is amazing and Ms. Renee in infant B is just as great. Highly recommend!” -Parent Review via Google

2. Learning Dynamics Preschool Gilbert

The goal of this preschool in Gilbert, AZ is to help your child develop a broad foundation through a top-tier learning experience. Learning Dynamics Preschool has teachers that can help your child develop great communication skills in a comfortable social setting. Additionally, a high 96% of students here learn to read by the time they start kindergarten.

Educators in this preschool are known for their passion for teaching, using positive reinforcement, motivation, and individualized instruction. By the time your child leaves this facility, they will have grown academically and socially.

Parent’s Review:

All of my children have attended Learning Dynamics and we have absolutely loved it. They have fun activities daily and have learned to read in preschool! I recommended Learning Dynamics to all my friends and family!” -Parent Review via Google

3. Sunrise Preschools

Sunrise Preschools has a great reputation in the Valley. They have amazing instructors who are passionate about providing children with great care. Additionally, they maintain a transparent relationship between faculty and parents, communicating regularly.

Sunrise Preschool has honest, patient, and nurturing staff that truly care for the development of your children. Moreover, the facility is clean and safe, even offering options for nutritious meals.

Parent Review:

I absolutely love this place. They’re very nice and try and work with you. Especially love Miss Gabby she is amazing. It’s very clean all the time and the kids seem to be having fun my go-to place.” -Parent Review via Google

4. Life Learning Center Preschool and Child Care

Next on the list for great preschools in Gilbert, AZ is Life Learning Center. Their mission is to provide a positive learning experience for each child with an established foundation for growth. Furthermore, your child is guaranteed to feel welcomed with the kind staff and clean facility.

This is a faith-based preschool that takes education very seriously. They understand the positive impact that a good preschool experience can have on children.

Parent Review:

“I just adore everything about this preschool! My son started here at the beginning of the New Year and has grown leaps and bounds in such a short amount of time. He loves learning, his friends and his teachers with every ounce of his four-year-old heart! What a blessing it was to find this school.” -Parent Review via Facebook

5. San Tan Montessori Preschool

As our last preschool in Gilbert, San Tan Montessori Preschool takes a more individualistic approach to their preschool management system. They believe the most important needs of a preschool are the needs of your child. Moreover, this is a private preschool, which incorporates a more structured learning environment.

Nonetheless, the teachers and the staff are caring professionals with years of experience. Educators teach in pristine environments that are carefully and beautifully designed to help students to reach their maximum developmental potential.

Parent Review:

Clean, safe, friendly Charter/ Montessori School. Free tuition except for full-day Kindergarten. K-8 on campus. The beautiful new building, the staff treats you like family, small class sizes, and your choice of Montessori or mainstream education for your children. 100% Recommend.” -Parent Review via Google

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Preschool can be an exciting time for any little one. Make sure your child has the best experience possible by choosing one of these preschools in Gilbert, AZ!