Top 5 Preschools in Peoria, AZ

Preschool is a pivotal time for any child. There they learn their numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and so much more! Some children even learn to read some words before entering kindergarten. However, with hundreds of preschools in Arizona alone, it isn’t always easy finding the right preschool. You want your child to thrive in a safe, positive environment that will do more than teach your child valuable skills. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top preschools in Peoria, AZ. Keep reading to find out which preschool is right for you!

Start School Smart With These Top Preschools in Peoria, AZ!

1. Phoenix Children’s Academy

Phoenix Children’s Academy focuses on giving your child a well-rounded educational experience. Their teachers are held to high standards, with training that encourages social, emotional, physical, and creative development. Moreover, Phoenix Children’s Ascend Curriculum engages children in nine different subjects so they can be fully prepared for kindergarten. Additionally, this first-rated school works hard to create strong relationships with parents so you feel involved in your child’s school day.

For more information, schedule a visit at Phoenix Children’s Academy or contact them at 480-210-9770.

Parent Review:

“If you’re searching for a safe, welcoming, and nurturing environment for your Little’s while you cannot be their primary provider, look no further! As an educator and first time mother, I searched high and low and toured every preschool/daycare (no exaggeration) in the Peoria area. After fearing I would not find a school where I felt my son would be loved and cared for, I toured PCA. I immediately fell in love! The staff at PCA not only provide a caring and safe environment, but truly know your child. My son has been attending this school for the past 2 1/2 years. I have watched him grow so much academically and he is beyond prepared for kindergarten next year! He has formed some deep bonds with the staff and has made some of his best friends here.” -Parent Review via Great Schools

2. Big Dreams Preschool and Kindergarten

Big Dreams Preschool promotes imagination, learning, and creativity. They believe that your child’s growth and success will result from encouragement, praise, and building strong communication between parents and teachers. They recognize that all children are unique and learn differently. Therefore, they encourage children’s natural curiosity while reinforcing an individualistic, fun environment. Their creative approach to teaching makes this one of the best preschools in Peoria, AZ!

Parent Review:

“I absolutely love this school. All of the teachers are amazing. They are kind and educated leaders. The school program is exceptional. They offer PE and Spanish. Overall it’s just a great environment for my child. We look forward to attending the next two years at this school.” -Parent Review via Great Schools

3. Children’s Learning Adventure

Children’s Learning Adventure believes in enhancing childhood development through a safe and caring learning environment. Moreover, they provide more preschool options than most other facilities. For example, they have preschool (for three-year-olds), pre-kindergarten (for four-year-olds), and advanced pre-k and kindergarten (for five-year-olds) programs. These programs do more than prepare your child for kindergarten and elementary school; they teach them to excel in school.

Parent Review:

“Our daughter has been here since she was a baby and this has been her home away from home. From her first steps to potty training and even the challenging moments the staff were our partners in raising Eiliyah. I consider CLA Peoria family and I am going to miss all of them dearly as this is our daughter’s last year there in Kindergarten. Thank you to the CLA Peoria staff and I recommend this place to all parents who want their children growing and learning in a wonderful and nurturing environment.” -Parent Review via Facebook

4. Crossroads Preschool

Crossroads Preschool has been in operation since 1965. This licensed and regulated school thus has years of experience providing quality education. Their warm, supportive staff encourage children to develop a love of learning. Moreover, their curriculum supports learning through developmental and content areas, driving success through measurable goals. The multiple subjects they teach encourage children to grow and thrive in this caring environment.

Parent Review:

“Amazing school, excellent teachers, wonderful community! The NAEYC accreditation, music, Spanish, physical education and nutritious snacks are all an added bonus to the fantastic curriculum. All three of my boys have attended Cross Roads and have loved it!” -Parent via Great Schools

5. Montessori Day School

Montessori Day School is a top-ranked school in Phoenix. Their unique, hands-on environment capitalizes on teaching children at a time when they absorb information the most so they can get the best learning experience possible. Montessori Day School ultimately teaches children to develop concentration, self-discipline, critical thinking, problem-solving, language, math, and creative abilities in an interactive way. The creative arts, multicultural activities, and advanced learning techniques make this one of the best preschools in Peoria, AZ!

Parent Review:

My son has attended this school for 3 years and he loves it! I love it too! They keep the parents very involved and I feel my son is learning a great deal of book education as well as practical life! I would definitely recommend sending your child to this school!-Parent Review via Great Schools

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